What is THC-O /THCO? Is it same with THC ?

What is THC-O?

Enter THC-O-Acetate — or THC-O — one of the newest THC alternatives on the block.

Like Delta-8-THC synthesized from CBD, THC-O is a semi-synthetic analog of Delta-9-THC. It begins with either a Delta-9- or Delta-8-THC molecule that is then altered, using strong chemical reactions, to replace the THC hydroxyl group with an Acetyl group. 

THCO is an acetylated form of THC that only activates after it’s processed by your digestive system. It is only available in synthetic forms and cannot be bred in hemp.

THCO is an acetate ester of THC, which means it has gone through a process called acetylation. In most substances, acetylation causes a massive potency increase, but in the case of THC, potency is only increased around 3 times since cannabinoids already bond with fats extremely well.

Whether it’s written out as 300% or 3x, there’s a general agreement that THCO offers about triple the potency of THC.

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