THC CBD Vape Pen Battery

Cbd Thc vape battery supply the power for vaping. Always comes with 510 threads. Some of the are the vape box and voltage and watt adjustable.

The Cbd thc vape pen battery combined with battery cell and chip borad.

When vaping , you need to contact the battery to the cartridge or the pod.

Or nothing will work.

THe Battery supply power and the chips for adjustable. Normally it is working at 3.5v , for different oils it may be need to 2.5v 2.7v 3.0v 3.5v 3.7v and 4.2v .

CBD THC Preheating Voltage Adjustable Auto draw 510 thread Vape Pen Battery

280mAh / 350mAh / 400mAh / 500mAh / 600mAh / 900mAh / 1100mAh / 1300mAh / 1600mAh

10w / 15w / 20w / 25w 30w

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