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1. Thank god this guys out there to prevent y’all from making my same mistakes, I ate a delta 8 gummy and started a major heroin problem the day after. Been 6 months since I’ve lost my job and home, now I do explicit favors on the street for delta 8 carts and tar.

2.At this point weed just needs to be legalized so we call can just start doing delta 9 (The safest version of THC but still illegal)

3.Another point just tried THCO kinda. Its a delta 8 cart with THCO added. Me personally little more of a volatile high but nothing crazy for me. Went through 2 carts and to me it just seemed like a stronger delta 8. Covert is the brand looks quality for sure but no negatives for now at least. Honestly none of this would be happening I think if they just legalize already.

4.I've been using Delta 8 for around 6 months now. I'm a daily user and it has been a life saver for me. I can't use D9- it gives me crazy anxiety. I found that D10 does the same thing. I'm glad I watched this video. I will not be going near this stuff!

5.I'll have to grab myself some of this acetate, not gonna lie. Contrarily, I actually appreciate you educating those who know little to nothing about the downsides of using marijuana: Too many stoners only look at upsides and too many people against weed simply lie. Thank you for helping people out who need it.

thco cart
thco cart

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