CBD THC Vape Pod

What is CBD THC Vape Pod

CBD / THC Vape Pod is also a kind of vape device . It is using for CBD CBG CBN delta 8 9 10 THC HHC THCO these oils. It comes with a battery and a replacement (refillable) pod.

The battery is recyclable and the pod is disposable, combined with magnet. Easy to take the pod out and replace a new one. The battery works with button draw or auto draw. If the oil is thick , preheating is necessary. In order to get the best vaping experience , voltage adjust able is a good option.

 THC pods are among the fastest growing cannabis products for their inherent portability and large, billowing clouds of smoke. They also conveniently come in a wide variety of THC and CBD ratios to accommodate every kind of smoker.

CBD THC Magnetic Replacement Vape Pod

Preheating / Auto Draw / Button Draw / Voltage Adjustable / Replacement / Rechargeable

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