Cookies Rechargeable Vape Battery 510 Thread

Cookies Vape Battery Preheating 510 thread Vapes Pen Batteries 900mah Rechargeable USB Chargers


Cookies Rechargeable Vape Battery 510 Thread

Product Name COOKIES Vape Battery
Brand 420supplyonline
Capacity 900mAh
Thread 510
Feature 1.Packages: 30 pieces/ lot

2.Voltage: 3.3v-3.8v-4.3v-4.8v Adjustable

3.Weight: 38g/ pen

4.Package: battery and display tray

5.Colors: Blue


COOKIES vape battery

30 pieces/ lot
adjustable voltage
colors: Blue
Voltage: 3.3v-3.8v-4.3v-4.8v
38g/ pen
Weight: 50g
smoking method: Long pres the switch button to smoke
Switching Machine: press and press the button 5times in 2 seconds to turn on/off,and the red ,gree and blue LEDs flash at the same time
Output mode: three-speed adjustment (2.4V/3.2V/ straight through)+1st preheating(2.0V)
Package: Boxes+ USB Cable
5 Clicks for Power ON/OFF
3 Clicks for Variable Voltage
2 Clicks for Pre-heat hold for 15 seconds
output voltage for preheating battery: 2V


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