Knowledge about vape

Vape is an electronic product used to quit smoking and replace cigarettes, as well as reduce second-hand smoke. Its appearance is the same as cigarettes, and its taste is similar to cigarettes, but it is not a real cigarette after all, and it can only play an auxiliary role in smoking cessation.

Vape is also known as virtual cigarette and electronic atomizer. It has the same appearance and taste similar to cigarettes, and it can also suck out smoke, taste and feeling like cigarettes. Vape is mainly composed of vape atomizer, vape battery, vape charger, vape power cord, and vape liquid. Vape controls the smoke output and working status through high-tech silicon chips and airflow sensors. The nicotine is atomized, and the solution containing nicotine and essence is atomized into particles, which are absorbed through the lungs and simulated smoke is exhaled at the same time.

Correct usage of vape

1.First remove the suction nozzle of the vape atomizer, then inject vape oil into the electronic cigarette atomizer, then install the suction nozzle on the atomizer, and finally rotate the vape battery and the vape atomizer together. The general manual transmission needs to be pressed 5 times to start the vape. When the vape battery head turns red, it means that the vape has started to work.

2. When not inhaling, the indicator light goes off automatically. Generally, the charging time of each vape battery is controlled within 2–3 hours. Smokers usually take about 15 puffs of an ordinary cigarette. It is recommended to stop smoking for half an hour after smoking 14–16 puffs of vape, and then smoke again.

3. After 20–30 days of use, when using a new pod and the battery is fully charged, the amount of atomization is still significantly reduced. Please take out the pod and insert a metal wire such as a pin into the small hole at the front of the pod to simulate burning a cigarette. Continuous light, each insertion for 10 seconds, each recovery can be repeated twice, after the function is restored, it can be used normally, this switch should not be used frequently.

4. During use, when the simulated burning cigarette butt at the front of the fuselage becomes obviously dark, use the special charger attached to the device to charge the battery. When charging, please insert the battery according to the positive and negative signs on the charger, and do not put it upside down. After charging for 3–4 hours, when the indicator light of the charger turns from red to green, it means that the battery is fully charged, please take out the battery and disconnect the charger.

Precautions for vape use

1.When using vape for the first time, it must be charged first, generally more than 4 hours. The vape also uses a lithium battery similar to that of a mobile phone, so the first time you use it, you must do a good job of deep drawing and deep discharge.

2. After it is fully charged, replace it with a new pod, which is the cigarette holder. After installation, the reminder here is that after installing the pod, do not use it immediately, wait for more than 1 minute before using it. The purpose of this is to better integrate the liquid of the pod and the atomizer of the vape, and volatilize more smoke.

3. Many friends will continue to smoke when using vape until the pod is exhausted or the battery is fed. In fact, it is not good to smoke continuously for a long time. It not only affects the life of the vape, but also the liquid in the pod cannot be volatilized optimally. The way to use vape correctly is to pause for a while, which can not only protect the vape well, but also suspend the feeling of smoking. After all, the purpose of consumers buying vape is mostly to quit smoking.

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