What is a vape pen?

What's the difference between e-cigs, vape pens and box mods?
E-cig, vape pen, vaporiser, box mod. There’s so many different terms to refer to vape devices and if you’ve never encountered them before, it can sometimes feel like the world of vaping is full of meaningless jargon. What exactly is a box mod? And what’s the difference between open system and closed system devices anyway?

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What is an e-cigarette?
In short, there is no official difference between an e-cigarette and vape pen. Both terms are used interchangeably and what each term means to one person might mean something completely different to another. In general, the terms ‘vaporiser’, ‘e-cigarette’ and ‘electronic cigarette’ cover any rechargeable device that turns flavoured e-liquid into a vapour.

What is a vape pen?
Sometimes the term ‘vape pen’ is used to mean the same thing as an e-cigarette – any vape device regardless of whether it’s open or closed system. However, sometimes the phrase ‘vape pen’ refers specifically to a type of e-cigarette defined by its compact size, simplicity of use and usually closed-system flavours.

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