How Do I Make My Vape Clouds Thicker?

How Do I Make My Vape Clouds Thicker?
If your goal is to vape big clouds, blu vapes may not be the product for you. Our aim is to create simple, sleek and easy to use vape devices and flavourful e-liquids that produce minimal vapour. If large clouds are a higher priority than a throat hit, you’re probably better suited to vape tanks with mesh coils or sub-ohms.
Airflow is the key to thick clouds. Many vape devices have variable airflow features which allow for larger quantities of air to surround the coils. This encourages plentiful vapour production, creating the experience cloud-chasers desire.

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Are There Different Types Of Vaping?

There are two types of vaping, namely direct to lung (DTL) and mouth to lung (MTL). As the name suggests, when MTL vaping you first collect the vapour in your mouth prior to inhaling into the lungs. For DTL vaping, you draw on the vape similarly to a normal breath, taking the vapour directly into the lungs.

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