What is THCO?

xTHCO is the short form of THCO-Acetate or THC Acetate — often referred to as the synthetic or chemical version of THC. With the word “chemical,” you can already tell that THCO doesn’t occur naturally. So, how is it made?

To generate THCO, extractors take federally legal hemp and extract CBD. Then, they extract delta-8 THC from the CBD and add acetic anhydride to the THC molecules. This final process removes all flavonoids and terpenes in the molecules and leaves only THC isolates, making the THC molecule stronger — much stronger than traditional THC.

According to researchers, THCO is a “prodrug” or a compound. The liver has to metabolize it before it activates. When this happens, what remains is just delta-9-THC isolate which ordinarily shouldn’t be as strong as delta-9-THC.

So, why is it so strong? It draws mainly from the fact that THCO has a higher bioavailability than the non-acetylated version, which increases its potency.

Lab tests show that THCO can be three times stronger than regular THC. Consequently, overconsumption may result in some seriously uncomfortable effects and potentially even harmful medical consequences.

When it comes to cannabis consumption, moderation is essential. The body reacts negatively to overconsumption of just about anything, even food, and water.

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