What is CBD Pod System?

What is CBD Pod System?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a pod is a detachable or independent unit. The pod system gets its name from having a removable container to hold electronic juice and is usually paired with an internal replaceable coil. The pod is connected to the battery part of the body or system to ignite the coil in the pod and evaporate the electronic juice inside. CBD pod systems can have a variety of shapes, inspired by vape pen shapes or any other type of design for ergonomic portability reasons. The CBD pod system provided by focol is mainly "closed system vape".

 CBD Pod System

Closed system vape

The closed system vape is a non refillable equipment. In CBD pod system, you only need to fill the smoke bomb in advance to directly inhale. Once it is empty, the pod can be thrown away and disposed of when replacing the closed system pod.

What is CBD pod module?

Nowadays, pod systems have been involved and become more and more complex. Users who start using CBD pod system require more functions. Focol CBD pod mods is the result of this integration. It provides a portable and smaller device with complex functions attached to traditional box modules. These smoke bomb systems now provide more complex technologies to enhance the e-cigarette experience,

For example, larger batteries, power regulation and air flow control.

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