How do I get my vape to work again?

Common problems with e-cigarettes and solutions

  1. No lights and no smoke.

Battery no power: please use the supporting charger to install battery charging (charging method, see the instructions). A single charge takes about 3 hours. When charging, the battery headlight is on, and the lamp is off after charging. A charge time should not exceed 4 hours, otherwise the battery is easy to damage.

The battery is in the protected state: when the battery is in the protected state for more than 15 consecutive mouthfuls or is used for a long time (more than 5 seconds) in one breath, the battery can be used normally for about 30 seconds.

Battery and atomizer not tightened: Tighten the battery and atomizer so that the contact part is completely in contact.

  1. Small amount of smoke.

Smoke is obviously reduced in the process of smoking: after the smoke liquid of the bomb is used up, please replace the new bomb. After 7 or 8 seconds, it can be used normally

There are a lot of drops of smoke or just changed smoke bombs, the amount of smoke is still very small: too much smoke, please turn upside down, throw out or blow out the excess smoke in the atomizer, smoke two or three times can be used normally.

The amount of hard smoking is still small: users use it improperly. When the user smokes hard, the e-cigarette actually only works for a short time because it can't keep up, so the amount of smoke is small. The correct way to use it is to smoke lightly and steadily in one breath to enjoy the vaping.

  1. LED lights flicker frequently.

During use, the indicator light on the front end of the e-cigarette often blinks inexplicably: the program Settings, the design of the e-cigarette is humanized, use 13–15 puffs (almost one cigarette), or breath use time is too long (more than 5 seconds), the indicator light blinks.

  1. Hot cigarette holder.

When smoking, I feel the cigarette holder is very hot: frequent use or insufficient oil. Because e-cigarettes use a heater to atomize the liquid smoke, the center temperature can reach more than 380 degrees. Atomizer adopts multilevel heat insulation structure, generally there is no obvious heating. However, when used too frequently or not enough soot will accumulate a certain amount of heat and feel a little hot, just use it like normal smoking, in addition, you will also feel hot when the ambient temperature is too high. Minimize e-cigarette use in overheated environments.

  1. Noise during use.

The smell emitted by the atomizer in the process of use is the sound of smoke atomization. The sound of e-cigarette is caused by the drastic physical changes in the sublimation process of liquid in the heater, which is a normal phenomenon.

  1. Smoke liquid into the mouth.

When using e-cigarettes, liquid intake: excessive liquid or improper use method. E-cigarettes have internal devices to prevent liquid reflux and suction. However, the same cigarettes as e-cigarettes are formed by liquid liquefaction. After inhaling dozens of mouthfuls, the vaporized liquid will liquefy into small droplets when it encounters the cooler inside the cigarette holder, which will adhere to the inside of the cigarette holder. When you inhale again, you may draw out a small amount of fluid, which is normal physics. In addition, it is possible to use too much of the liquid into the atomizer or inhale the liquid in the same way that the user added the liquid droplets.

  1. It smells of burning.

Burnt smell in the process of smoking: After the smoke liquid of the bomb is used up, please replace it with a new one immediately. After seven or eight seconds, it can be used normally.

  1. Maintenance of e-cigarettes.

Keep e-cigarettes in a cool, dry place.

When not in use, please loosen the atomizer and battery to prevent misoperation.

When not in use for a long time, the atomizer should be kept separately from the battery, and the excess smoke liquid in the atomizer should be dried.

The open bomb runs out in two or three days.

  1. I use XXX rod. What atomizer do I use?

The rod and atomizer are part of the MOD and can be understood as two separate parts. Any atomizer can be connected to any rod as long as the interface is correct. The poles are just battery storage and have little impact on the final taste. Learn and ask, no atomizer is perfect for all players. It's wise to find the one you like, the best, and instantly feel like you've promoted a lot of atomizers.

  1. Why does my e-cigarette make a rattling noise?

That's because of the sound the hot wire makes when it vaporizes the soot. In general, the faster the fuel is fed, the more pronounced the sound. A balanced atomizer should be slight and wonderful.

  1. Why do I feel like I'm pumping oil every time I smoke an e-cigarette?

This situation is generally caused by the speed of your oil supply is too large, the suction is too large, the smoke oil has not been completely atomized into smoke is sucked into the mouth. But there are also oil tank seal is not strict, infiltration into the ventilation pipe, not atomized directly inhaled mouth. Please carefully check whether the speed of oil supply is too high and whether there is oil leakage in the sealed cabin.

  1. How long is the general life of finished atomized core?

Depending on the frequency of use. The loss rate of finished atomizers will not be the same. In general, a very simple way to tell is that the same flavor of soot starts to change the taste in your mouth. Then there's the finished atomizer, which needs to be replaced.

  1. Is soot atomizing insufficient harmful?

While a qualified liquid composition is not harmful to human health, unatomized liquid will greatly reduce the sensation of using your e-cigarette. If the atomization feels incomplete, reduce the oil transfer speed or increase the output power. This is a good way to deal with it.

  1. What is the white layer on the holder after smoking?

It's the dry residue of human saliva on a cigarette holder. Don't worry, clean with a wet paper towel.

  1. Vaping, Why dry mouth?

It's normal. Glycerol (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are the main components of tobacco oil, so they are highly absorbent. Any advertisement that says that lampblack is not dry is not to be trusted. It's just that each person's ability to produce saliva varies. Some people have high secretory capacity and don't feel dry mouth. If you happen to be one of the low-secretory types, just drink plenty of water. You don't have to think about how to change the soot. The composition of the soot is such that no one can change it.

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