Does CBD Oil Expire or Go bad?

You wanna squeeze every penny out of that special oil you bought, eh? Cough up the extra few bucks for a high-quality product, and you can use it for months before you bust through it. It’s like dripping honey on toast! Of course, it’s anybody’s guess how much CBD is left in your pricey bottle come year-end. How will you know when it expires? So now you’re asking yourself: Does CBD oil expire or go bad?

This article will try to answer some common questions about CBD’s shelf life, including what expired CBD oil looks like and how to lengthen the lifespan of all types of CBD oils.

How long does CBD oil last?

The shelf life of CBD oil is about 14 months to two years, depending on how it’s stored-direct sunlight and heat are the enemies here. Direct sunlight and intense heat can cause a bottle of CBD oil to go bad before its expiration date.

Past studies show that higher quality products tend to last longer, including minimally processed CBD oil. Pure CBD oil or full-spectrum CBD oil may outlast flavored oils because any extras are scented with ingredients that have their own shelf life. This also means that flavored CBD oil expires faster than non-flavored.

Does CBD Oil Expire or Go bad? Shelf Life

The shelf life for CBD oil is about fourteen months to two years, depending on how the product is stored.

What extraction process was used to make the CBD Oil?

Why is it a good idea to be aware of what extraction process was used to make the product? It’s because many cannabis experts say that CO2 extraction is best for producing an oil that will stay potent longer. Other methods might destabilize the compounds, and that can lower the quality of your CBD oil and shorten its shelf life.

One of the surest ways to protect yourself from any low-quality CBD oil products is to be vigilant about checking for an expiration date on the label. All good-quality CBD oil will have an expiration date on the bottle.

Regardless of the price or quality, all CBD products must have an expiration date printed on the label. The FDA requires this for your protection, so don’t buy any CBD product that doesn’t have an expiration date on it.

Does CBD oil go bad?

CBD oil is packed with healthy, healing cannabinoids that are known to help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, calm anxiety and stress, promote restful sleep, and protect the nervous system from degeneration. These essential oils also help regulate nerve function and blood circulation. This means that if you are storing your CBD oil in a cupboard or drawer where it can get too warm or humid, then it’s likely to lose some of its potency.

In addition, if you keep the bottle for more than two years before opening it up, then the beneficial compounds may break down. This weakens the CBD oil and renders it less effective when consumed for therapeutic effects such as alleviating chronic pain or helping you sleep better at night.

How do I know if CBD oil has gone bad?

But the best way to tell is with your nose.

If you’re not sure if your CBD oil has gone bad, just smell it: smells weird? If it’s gone from an earthy to a skunky smell – It’s probably a sign that it’s old and needs to be replaced.

If the aroma of your CBD oil becomes unpleasant, or you notice visual changes in the oil like they’re turning cloudy, that’s a good indication it needs to go in the trash. Likewise, oversaturated colors, changes in texture, and consistency are also good signs that you need to start thinking about replacing your bottle of choice.

Can old CBD oil make you sick?

Many people are asking this question as they are trying to get the most out of their CBD products. The answer, however, is that it is unlikely that expired CBD oil will cause you any serious harm if you consume a small amount. This is especially true if you are micro-dosing.

CBD oil doesn’t spoil like other oils. But, to be safe, you should toss any bottles that have been sitting around for over two years or are past their expiry date.

What is the best way to store CBD oil?

There have been numerous questions about how to store CBD oils to increase their lifespan.

Generally speaking, cool, dark places are optimal for storing CBD oil.

Manufacturers know that cool, dark places are optimal for storing CBD oil. This is why most of the best products are packaged in color-tinted glass bottles. Dark green or amber bottles prevent damaging sunlight from penetrating and hastening the product’s expiration date.

Refrigerating CBD oil is not necessary, and that’s not just due to the light in your fridge. The temperature is important, too. There are two reasons for this: One, cooling the oil decreases its viscosity, which means that you might have a hard time getting it out of the dropper because it’ll be thicker and heavier. Two – and this is my main reason for not recommending refrigeration – cold temperatures may damage the cannabinoids in the oil. Over time, this could make them less potent or even create harmful byproducts like oxidation.

So I’d say the most favorable environment to store CBD oil is room temperature or 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does CBD Oil Expire or Go bad? Colored Bottles

Colored (green or amber) bottles protect the product from UV light, which accelerates its expiration date.

How can I make CBD oil last longer?

These are some tips to keep CBD oil fresh and possibly extend the shelf life:

  • It is essential only to open the bottle when using it. If you leave a CBD oil in an opened bottle, oxidation will shorten the CBD oil shelf life.
  • Store your CBD soft gels and capsules in air-tight containers to ensure that they’re always protected from air.
  • Store bottles upright and not lying down on their side.
  • Place CBD oil tinctures and CBD-related products in the coolest, darkest place in your home. A kitchen drawer, a cabinet near a pantry or in the basement will all work well.
  • Avoid storing your CBD oil in a room where you use a humidifier, as the excessive moisture can encourage mold growth.
  • You should not store CBD oil near a window as the sunlight accelerates its expiration date.
  • Keep CBD oil away from your oven and radiator, and other warm places in your home.
  • Do not store it in your pocket or purse for long periods of time. Any warm place can be a breeding ground for bacteria. 
  • If using a spoon or dropper for your CBD, make sure to clean it before use. Don’t “double-dip” with it, as this may contaminate the oil with harmful bacteria.
  • Wash your hands after handling the bottle and before each use.

The end of the article is upon us, and hopefully, we’ve answered the question ‘does CBD oil expire?’. So with these final steps, remember always to treat your CBD oil like the glorious high-quality liquid that it is.

So, if you want your CBD oil to stay potent and retain all of its therapeutic benefits for longer periods, make sure it stays in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or any other heat sources!

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