Vertex 510 Thread Vaporizer Battery Pen

Rainbow Color Vape Battery Vertex 510 Thread Batteries Preheat E Cigarettes Pen 350mAh Vaporizer


Vertex 510 Thread Vaporizer Battery Pen

Product Name Vertex Vape Battery
Brand 420supplyonline
Capacity 350mAh
Thread 510
Feature 1.On/off: Five clicks

2.Size: Dia: 11.2mm length:87mm

3.Voltage: Adjustable

4.Change voltage: Three clicks

5. Preheating:Two clicks


Vertex vape battery

1.Battery capacity: 350mAh
2.Thread: 510
3.Dia: 11.2mm length:87mm
4.Button led light indication: 3.4V green, 3.7V blue, 4.0V red light , Preheating Mix light
5.Five click on/off
6.Three clicks to change voltage
7.Two clicks to preheat
8.Available Colors:Black,Blue,Silver,White,Red.


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