Preheating Disposable Vape Pen 1ML Empty Vapes

Disposable vape pen empty 1ml CBD THC HHC Delta 8 oil vape tank rechargeable battery with preheating


Preheating Disposable Vape Pen 1ML Empty Vapes

This HHC THC OlL Dispoable Vape Pens 1ml is with a switch button, which allows preheating for this pod device, adjust voltages and it’s totally lead-free, heavy metal test passed. It’s the newest launched rechargeable vape pen, having a rechargeable function with a bottom charging port, you never worry about wasting oil in the tank. And it’s Portable, compact, light enough so you can take it anywhere, vape it any time.

What’s more, it uses the PCTG material for the tank, center post is lead-free copper, environment-friendly. And of course, this lead-free custom disposable vape pen has a ceramic coil. And the intake hole size is 2.0mm, and it has 4, which fits for both low & high viscosity CBD/THC/Delta 8/Delta 9 oil. And the intakle hole size is  customizable. Another, the battery is at A grade and the capacity is full of 280mAh(rechargeable) so it’s powerful enough to run out of all oil filled in, no waste.

HHC THC OiL Dispoable Vape Pens the medical-grade oil tank housing produces the purest original taste of extracts. And because the ceramic core enlarges the heating area, it achieves plenty of vapor without any burning taste. This creative idea and design also make it possible that it keeps its leaking rate close to zero. Besides, it uses revolutionary ceramic heating elements that can produce the purest taste and smooth throat hits with plenty of vapor. As a result, it’s the greatest custom disposable pen that will bring you the greatest vaping experience and effects of THCO/HHC/CBD/THC/Delta 8/Delta 9 and etc…

1. Lead free materials

2. Disposable with a visual window (accept custom)

3. Reachargeable with Android port

4. Capacity: 1000mg

5. Ceramic coil 2.0mm oil hole and resistance 1.4ohm

6. 280mah A grade Li battery

7. 2.5v Auto preheating (10s)

8. Variable voltage 2.8/3.5v


1.Lead free materials
2.Disposable with a visual window
3.Rechargeable with Android port
4.Capacity: 1000mg ~0.85ml
5.Ceramic coil 2.0mm oil hole and resistance 1.8ohm (custom available )
6.280mah A grade Li battery
7.2.5v Auto preheating (10s)
8.Variable voltage 2.8/3.5v


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