6% Nicotine Disposable Vape RandM Dazzle Pro Ecigarette

RandM Dazzle Pro 2600 Puffs Disposable Vape 6% Nic 6ML 1100mAh 10 Flavors with RGB Light Ecigarette


6% Nicotine Disposable Vape RandM Dazzle Pro Ecigarette

1.Pineapple Ice 6% NIC
6ML of E-liquid
Integrated 1100mAh Bettery
2600 Puff Per Device
LED Light
10pcs in a display box.
500pcs in a carton.
2.Blue Razz Ice
3.Strawberry Kiwi
4.Mixed Berries
5.Lush Ice
6.Banana Milk
7.Energy Drink
8.Strawberry Watermelon
9.Red Apple Lemon
10.Cool Mint
11.Rainbow Candy
12.Melon Ice


Why does the atomizer get hot after a few mouthfuls?

This is directly related to the coil data, the power used, the size of the atomization chamber, and the amount of air intake.We know that the greater the power used, the higher the calorific value. The lower the resistance of the coil used under the same voltage, the larger the volume of the heating wire and the higher the heat generation. The larger the atomization chamber, the lower the heat accumulation effect, and the larger the heat dissipation space. The larger the air intake, the more heat is taken away.

Tips for smoking disposable e-cigarettes:

1. When using, be careful not to smoke too hard, it will not smoke if you use too much force. Because when you smoke too hard, the e-liquid is directly sucked into your mouth without being atomized by the atomizer. So lightly inhaled the smoke more.

2. When smoking, please pay attention to keep one breath for a long time, because a long time can make the smoke liquid in the cartridge be fully atomized by the atomizer, thereby producing more smoke.

How long can disposable electronic cigarettes last?

Disposable e-cigarettes have become the mainstream of the industry with their "compact body". The advantages of easy portability, rich taste, mellow taste, simple operation and throw away are popular among users. Moreover, you can smoke more than 800 mouthfuls with a super high usage rate, which can not only experience the feelings brought by different tastes, but also relieve the addiction and minimize the harm to the body.

RandM Dazzle Pro

☑6% NIC
☑6ML of E-liquid
☑Integrated 1100mAh Bettery
☑2600 Puff Per Device
☑LED Light
☑10pcs in a display box.
☑500pcs in a carton.


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