Delta-8 vs CBD: Are they the same?

Delta-8 vs CBD: Are they the same?
With the rise of Delta-8, many are wondering, are Delta-8 and CBD the same thing? They are all cannabinoids, of course, but there are noteworthy differences between Delta-8 and CBD. CBD is the predominant cannabinoid in cannabis. THC, on the other hand, is the most dominant cannabinoid found in cannabis’s cousin, marijuana. Delta-8 is THC, a cannabinoid present in very small amounts in marijuana. The reason we need to clarify the difference between Delta-8 and CBD is because Delta-8 is created from CBD extracted from hemp. Basically, the chemistry is how CBD becomes Delta-8 through a process called isomerization.

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Delta-8 and cbd
Any comparison of Delta-8 to CBD would find a loose relationship between them, but they are not the same cannabinoid. CBD won't get you "high," but Delta-8 THC can—though Delta-8 isn't as potent as "traditional" cannabis. Scientists have conducted extensive research on the potential health benefits of CBD, and Delta-8 is a relatively new player in medical research. Some players in Delta-8 separate it from CBD for synergistic effects.

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